Cancun Cenote Diving

On your next trip to Cancun, take a step away from the Hotel Zone for a morning or afternoon and take just a short trip outside of Cancun for a unique experience perfect for the adventure traveler. Cavern diving, or Cenote diving, in Cancun is a popular activity sought by tourists interested in a little underwater exploration to add some excitement to their vacation. Cancun not only offers your typical open-water water dives, it also offers a cavern (Cenote) diving experiences in massive underground cavern systems.

Why Cenote Diving?
Cenote diving offers divers the unique experience of exploring underground, underwater ecosystems that is unlike any other dive locations. These freshwater caverns were formed over millions of years as rainwater from above seeped through the ground, creating hollow caverns. As time passed, portions of the ground above gave way creating openings to the caverns below.

Due to the freshwater composition of many Cenotes, visibility is an incredible 200 meters, making for an exceptional dive experience. Additionally, the shallow nature of the Cenotes also means longer dive times and moderate water temperatures. Because of these ideal conditions, divers of all skill levels are able to enjoy this unique experience.

As in many other caverns, stalactites and stalagmites cover portions of the top and bottom of the caverns. Laser beams of light penetrate the surface above, lighting the way and creating a unique and colorful underwater aura. Shadows and outlines of massive rock formations can be seen throughout. With regards to marine life, several species of blind fish and shrimp are commonly seen in the caverns, few of which grow very large. The large majority of the appeal and aura behind Cenote diving comes from the rock structures that have formed of the millions of years of the Cenote creation.

To explore the Cenotes just outside of Cancun, there is no special certification necessary other than a standard open-water dive certification. While advanced certification classes are available, there are many beginner dives that are safe as long as you’re working with an experienced guide. For advanced divers, there are several caves in the area that are slightly more difficult to dive. Again, an experienced guide is recommended for any cave dive.

Next time you’re in Cancun, take a leap of adventure from your luxury hotel to the underwater paradise offered by the Cancun Cenotes!