Live Aqua for a luxuriously relaxing vacation

A picture of warm service and graciousness, in the surrounding of exceptional facilities greet guests who step into Live Aqua Cancun. A luxurious treat for senses is the essence of all vacation at this sanctuary, that is said to resemble more of a premium spa than a hotel. Excellent service begins even before one checks in as the concierge ensures all queries are satisfactorily replied and arrange for any airport transfer. The hospitable staff enhance the beauty of the elegant hotel. The impressive service is complemented by the exceptional facilities. An extensive room menu with premium choices, beautiful rooms with top notch amenities that include flat screen TV sets and iPod players, spacious balcony with sweeping views of the ocean are some of the fabulous features of this luxurious hotel where various sections are filled with soothing aromatherapy.

The restaurants do not disappoint with their delectable offerings, The amazing food choices include Siete's massive spread at the breakfast buffet, superb lunches at Azur's ceviche at the beach, unique dishes from MB Restaurants- all prepared with the best and freshest seafood, meat, chicken and other crispy greens. Everything about Live Aqua aims to make the guests feel beyond satisfied and pampered during their vacation of luxury.

Swim with Whale Sharks in Cancun

During the summer months, mid May to mid September, the Whale Shark is a welcome visitor to the waters around Cancun Mexico and provides a perfect chance to be at one with nature as you swim and snorkel alongside these fantastic underwater giants. The Whale Shark (Rhincodon typus) is the biggest fish in the world … Continue reading

Eight Hours in Cancun

Quick- You have only eight hours to spend in Cancun. What do you do? Oh, and you're not a college kid on spring break. It's not a tough question when you know all the wonderful offerings of this white-sanded, brilliant-beached paradise has to offer. If you have a few hours to spend because of a … Continue reading

Getting Hitched in Cancun

Organizing a wedding in a foreign country is not easy. Make things easy for yourself by engaging a reputed Cancun hotel that offers top services and professional wedding planners. Stay in sync with legal requirements and carry necessary documents that may be required. Enjoy your Cancun vacation like never before. The best romantic getaway to … Continue reading

Cancun Cenote Diving

On your next trip to Cancun, take a step away from the Hotel Zone for a morning or afternoon and take just a short trip outside of Cancun for a unique experience perfect for the adventure traveler. Cavern diving, or Cenote diving, in Cancun is a popular activity sought by tourists interested in a little … Continue reading

Starting Your Own Travel Blog

Want to start a blog like this one? Learn how to do a blog of any type, including a travel blog like this one. We recommend (and used) these free guides and tutorials.

Charter a Fishing Voyage in Cancun

Offered from the clearest, verdant waters known to Mexico; a sport, a leisure, that is popular vacation activity, fishing in Cancun is not only legendary, but a pivotal cog to the tourism machine in Mexico. What is common to most who visit the tropical waters of the Yucatan, is to either charter a boat or … Continue reading

Cerveza en Mexico

Beer and Mexico are practically synonymous—the light brews at least. The list of big names resonate old-world Hispania and are notorious outside their country of origin—Bohemia, Corona, Dos Equis, Modelo Especial, Negro Modelo, Pacifico, and Tecate. Long-touted as a haven for the best beers of the world, the educated beer-connoisseur or casual drinking can correct … Continue reading

Dabbling in the Local Culture

When we think of culture, we thing of food, language, unique customs, and the arts. In Cancun, the latter is often depicted in bright colors and vibrant music that populated parks and street corners. What often slips the minds of visitors to this popular Mexican city is that besides the chic Cancun luxury resorts, beaches, … Continue reading

How America Travels to Cancun

It’s strange, really, that despite all the downward economic trends, the hospitality industry is still strong as an ox and lively as ever. What’s especially surprising is the trend that sees vacationers gravitating toward the luxury all inclusive Cancun resorts which may or may not include Paradisus Riviera Cancun Resort and Dreams Cancun—it does. So … Continue reading

Cancun pt. 2 – Tipping

If you’re like me, tipping anywhere outside of a restaurant setting equates to confusion. Who do you tip? And if you do tip, then how much do you tip? It’s unsurprising, then, that this dilemma is something of a world-wide epidemic. Billions of people confront a similar scenario every day. Tipping on vacation, however, is … Continue reading