Cancun pt. 1 – Commute

You’ve spent the last five hours in a stuffy, close-quartered cabin; what sleep you had originally planned on was whisked away by an ensemble of crying babies and plane turbulence.

When you finally arrive to Cancun, its beauty eludes you as your only priority is getting to that luxury Cancun resort and crashing into a king-sized bed.

A taxi from the airport will cost you a non-negotiable 400 pesos, or 40 USD. A perfectly safe alternative are collective taxis, or collectivos, that you share with other passengers and occasionally detours for milk runs. Getting to the airport from anywhere else, however, is dramatically reduced to a negotiable 200 pesos.

Once you’ve slept the plane flight out of your system, recouped, and are ready to explore the city, there are only a few, but widely available, means of commuting to-and-from locales.

The bus is quite possibly the cheapest and most common form of transportation in Cancun, with fares costing approximately 7 pesos, or 70 cents. Cab fare, on the other hand, will spike a bit, but at around 6 dollars, the convenience can not be overstated.

If constant movement and countless outings are on the agenda, then renting a car should not be too far out of your realm of consideration.

A word of warning: Parking is limited in the hotel zone and the police in Mexico are eager to hand out tickets for traffic violations. With seatbelt fines at 22 USD and speeding tickets at 100 USD, anything but diligent driving could result in some unexpected travel expenses.

As long as you remember to bring small change and carry a basic set of Spanish phrases with you, Traveling about Cancun should become instinctive, and something of utility, not a source of anxiety.

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