How America Travels to Cancun

It’s strange, really, that despite all the downward economic trends, the hospitality industry is still strong as an ox and lively as ever. What’s especially surprising is the trend that sees vacationers gravitating toward the luxury all inclusive Cancun resorts which may or may not include Paradisus Riviera Cancun Resort and Dreams Cancun—it does.

So who’s booking the suites and penthouse lofts and soaking in the decadence that is lavish resort life? Chiefly the younger, twenty to thirty-somethings with a penchant for chic, European style and with faster, streamlined intentions.

USA Today says they’re attracted to glitz-and-glam luxe resorts, like moths to a flame because of the experience—bigger beds, bigger TVs, heightened integration of technologies such as IPods and WIFI, and, more importantly, the one-on-one, all-for-you treatment they receive over the course of their stay.

Another factor is the low percentage of children. What used to be hotspots for babies and toddlers yammering on in a nonsensical blather, have been upgraded to luxury settings that guarantee a more identifiable and older crowd.

As reports, vacationing surrounded by children is just “not appealing.”

Some vacationers even go as far as abstaining from resorts that cater to older children. You know, the spring break crowd, populated by co-eds across the nation.

“Nothing breaks your relaxation quicker than noise,” says Philip Ghorabegian, a “busy” Los Angelan Lawyer.

Enjoying your vacation to Cancun is not a product of effort or practice, but one that comes with the territory. When you step foot on the pillowy white beaches, something inside you clicks and the big meeting in the upcoming week, or the relentless client that’s been looming of your shoulder at work, seemingly disappear. The only planning for Cancun is where you are going to stay, when you are going to stay, and for how long.