Charter a Fishing Voyage in Cancun

Offered from the clearest, verdant waters known to Mexico; a sport, a leisure, that is popular vacation activity, fishing in Cancun is not only legendary, but a pivotal cog to the tourism machine in Mexico. What is common to most who visit the tropical waters of the Yucatan, is to either charter a boat or fish the shallow waters each offering their own distinct collection of species, depending on whatever you’re in the market for.

To choose which approach to fishing is most appropriate for you, first consider your level of expertise. The veteran sports fisherman undoubtedly thrives on the possibility of catch big game fish and will opt for a deep-sea charter. The younger, older, or the unfamiliar gravitate toward shallow waters for a more approachable and realistic fishing experience.

Deep-Sea Fishing

The waters of the Yucatan are teeming with life due to an upwelling caused by a squeeze of the gulf stream between Cancun and a deep-water channel. The effect sends fish of all sizes throughout the Cancun and Cozumel area. And because of Mexico’s typically-tropical conditions, fishing can be applied year-round. Kingfish, sailfish, wahoo, dorado, blue and white marlin, tuna, grouper, and many other big game fish fill the oceans and are accessible by a generous assortment of Cancun charters.

Shallow Water Fishing

Flats Fishing, located near many a luxury Cancun hotel and what most consider the best locale for shallow water fishing, is home to an eclectic variety of shallow water species that entice even the seasoned angler. Bonefish, seatrout, snapper, tarpon, snook, and others populate these regions.

Bonefish, Permit – summer months only
Tarpon, Snook, and all other indigenous species – year-round fishing

Shallow waters are ideal for light tackle fishing and for conventional and fly anglers alike.

Although deep-sea fishing under proper guidance can be tackle by the novice, transitioning from traditional shallow waters and up the ranks undoubtedly gives any angler that level of familiarity that makes deep-se fishing that much more enjoyable.