Cancun pt. 2 – Tipping

If you’re like me, tipping anywhere outside of a restaurant setting equates to confusion. Who do you tip? And if you do tip, then how much do you tip? It’s unsurprising, then, that this dilemma is something of a world-wide epidemic. Billions of people confront a similar scenario every day.

Tipping on vacation, however, is in a completely separate realm and elevates uncertainty to a new level.

In Cancun, there is a general set of guidelines assigned to tipping that can help you redirect your focus from the logistics of tipping, back to your vacation.

Daily maid service – At any luxury Cancun resort or other Cancun accommodation, maid services are not commonly tipped. It is a nice gesture and if service was profound for the entire stretch of your vacation, then a tip of 20 to 60 pesos, depending on how many shared the room, is perfectly adequate.

Tips should be left on a pillow, or unmade bed, or in the mini-bar; otherwise it will not be taken.

Dining/Bars – 15% is the recognized rate for good service at restaurants or bars. Note: Many establishments have begun tacking on an additional 10% to the bill, so be sure to adjust accordingly.

Supermarkets – It is customary to tip the person bagging your groceries about 5 pesos, or 50 cents.

Tour guides – Because guides provide a service they should be tipped according to your satisfaction. 20 to 50 pesos should be adequate.

Anything and everything else is fair game in terms of tipping. If extraordinary service is rendered, then don’t be stingy. Fish your pockets for a few extra pesos to express your gratitude; you never know, the result of such kindness could lead to new services or suggestions that make for a more memorable stay in Cancun.